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Why Office Interior Design / Branding?

Why is it important, especially if you are a business?
Because we live in an “Era of Design,” according to an article published by Forbes Magazine in May 2012. Interior branding can help companies gain more customer loyalty, and thereby higher profits.

So, what is Interior Branding?

It is a tool to communicate the essence of your company’s brand identity through the design of your physical environment – which can be a retail space, a day or medical spa, a restaurant or an office. This includes both the tangible, such as the interior design & visual aesthetic, to the intangible, such as the ambiance and mood.

A physical space is a very important asset to influence a consumer. When a client enters your store or workspace, you have the ability to create a bubble around them with your brand. You engage them at every touch point and help them develop an emotional connect with your brand. This is your biggest opportunity to create a memorable impression upon your, consumer and to elevate your service or product from a commodity to an object of desire in the minds of your consumer. Elevate your office interior design and make your client feel at ease!

This has become a very important investment for all types of businesses in recent years. Many companies who were not typically design-oriented have realized that good design can be integral to developing consumer loyalty, case-in-point Microsoft opening up their own “branded” boutiques after seeing the success of the Apple stores and brand. They have started beautifying their own shop interior design to attract more people towards themselves!

Although interior branding as a business strategy has become a phenomenon in recent years, it is not new. In fact, the luxury fashion sector can be attributed to starting it. For years, companies such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands have used design and atmosphere through their stores to convey their own brand identity, differentiate themselves from competitors, and appeal to their target market.

At Higrid Imaging Solutions, we work alongside with architects, brand owners and solution providers like 3M, Avery- Dennison, HP, etc, to create vibrant and eye popping graphics in tandem with the communication the brand intends to share with its patrons. Our in-house design team helps to visualize and the solutions team helps in selecting the right media to suit the purpose and budget. We specialize in office interior design, restaurant interior design, shop interior design, car interior design, hotel interior design, office wall design. The in-house Projects Team is designated on ground to ensure complete installation in accordance to the requirement. Thus ensuring a hassle free engagement until the project is completed.