About Us | Higrid

Founded in June 2013, Higrid Imaging Solutions Pvt Ltd was established with a purpose of being more than just a mere large format digital printing in Bellandur, Bangalore. The core idea behind the birth of this organization was to build relationships with customers and their brands, offering multi faceted solutions that fit their bills, financially, functionally, culturally and socially.

Driven by a team who is steeped in the product knowledge (combined experience of over 30 years) and an open mind to embrace new technologies, while understanding our own competencies as well as our customers’ complexities and how they relate to their objectives. We aim to furnace strategic, long-term relationships by consolidating our range of services while maintaining top quality delivery.

When it comes to styling of vehicles, the Higrid’s Team is reputed with accolades that recognize them as the leading fleet graphics convertors in India, with close relations with the world’s leading styling vinyl manufacturers and with a vibrant printing platform, Higrid’s is able to deliver the best.

The leadership team is headed by Harrish Mathew, Robin Machaiah.

We at Higrid provide services that include:

- Fleet Graphics/Vehicle Branding: Higrid is a fleet graphics company providing fleet vehicle graphics, which is a process of displaying ads on cars, buses, trucks, bikes and autorickshaws by using vinyl or laminates. We provide image fleet graphics services by providing ads on car in India. By providing car brand stickers, we popularise your brand by using vehicle branding graphic design.

- Corporate Interior Designing: Higrid is one of the top corporate interior designers in Bangalore, provides stunning graphics to attract your clients. We are expertise in restaurant interior designing, shop or retail interior designing, hotel interior designing, office wall designing, office interior designing and car interior design etc.

- POP/POS Displays: Being a provider of point of sale systems for small businesses, Higrid excels in providing branding products that can be displayed near Point of Sale (POS) or checkout points in supermarkets. Our retail POS systems are designed for various outlets like fashion stores, grocery stores, electronic stores which also includes restaurant point of sale systems.

- Speciality Signage and OOH: Out Of Home (OOH) advertising or outdoor advertising is a niche speciality area of Higrid. We provide billboards and signage that are durable, long-lasting, eye-catching and attractive. These signage in the outdoors will bring in more effective leads when compared to other forms of advertising.

- Banner Printing: Banners are the best creative medium for companies to improvise their branding efforts and Higrid facilitates this by providing services like outdoor banner printing, large banner printing and vinyl banner printing. We provide custom Vinyl signs that will catapult your banner advertising efforts.